Autumn | Winter 2020/2021

Trend Attitudes

Soft Tech

To flow freely and fluidly – an ode to minimal and seamless design, practicality and enchantment. Clean lines, a soft touch, and lunar lights are paired with high performance articles with a soft hand. Offering complete serenity to a busy environment. Colors in this group are soft and rich, offering an everyday naturalness.

Field and Stream

A wondrous wander through the woods, embracing autumn pops paired with somber color hits. Texture, florals and workwear are important to capture the essence of this story. Colors in this group are rich and pair well with pops of autumn brights.

Ad-Hoc Chic

Derived from the age of social media, make it yours! Mix and match to stand out from the crowd and create your own style. Colors in this group are bold and vibrant. Mixing and matching unexpected colors is an important part of capturing this style.


An intellectual approach to living, with a contemporary feel while being rooted in antiquity. Colors in this group are soft, with a modern feel. Shades of earth tones, shades of aqua and beige are important in this group.

Current Season