Spring | Summer 2021

Trend Attitudes

Sustainable Classics

As sustainability takes the forefront, bedrock and earth tones see a growing importance. They offer a grounded feel in a virtual world. These tones offer both versatility and sustainability, as they work year-round in a growing transseasonal world.

Underlined by Black

An ode to activewear, black continues to drive this scene. This group of colors focuses on summer tones of greens, teals and whites, underlined in black. This gives an unexpected edge and fresh look to this group.

Virtual Dimension

Brights continue with vengeance, but they evolve becoming more saturated and having an energetic edge and acidic hue. They are inspired by the virtual world. Mixing and matching these unexpected colors or taking one color and using all over as a single-color statement is part of capturing this look.

Minimalist Revival

Pale neutrals take the place of pastels giving this look a mature ugrade. This color range offers a serene, sophisticated and rich feel to these summer neutrals. Use these colors in all over applications, or with hits of the pale blue.

Current Season